Always seem to be repeating patterns and can't figure out why?
Masterclass: Past Life to Present
Why Accessing Soul Energy of Past Lifetimes through the Akashic Records is so Valuable for this Lifetime.
Tuesday - 12/14- 6PM CT/7PM ET
on Zoom
The truth is... you can either struggle and hide or 
Spirituality Upgrade your personal patterns/routine.

This season can be very stressful.
 Family....Obligations … Emotions!

I was just speaking with a client who was planning her trip home and she said to me… I already feel like the black sheep of my family ... I push the boundaries so that I can live my life.... I don't know where some of these issues come from...  no one understands and they have so many expectations on me... Give me some tools, she said. How will I ever survive?  

Have you asked this question lately?
 Especially if you  don't want to follow in the family footprints... or have imprints that block you in your life and your work.  

Your Generational Energies weave in and out of your Soul Eneriesy.  You Soul Energy is what gives you the experiences in each lifetime.  It's a fine line!  

Both are important to your path. 

Holding on to too much of these old energy imprints can lead to depression and not dealt with can lead you all the way into 2022 dragging you down.

Opening the energy to your Soul and your past experiences becomes healing and freeing.

Register now.
 I will be showing how important it is in this lifetime to access the wisdom of your Soul.

Live On Zoom.

It is a choice and a knowing.  And then choosing to use the wisdom.

Like my client, Jess, who uncovered a lifetime of being accused of being wrong and stopped her from working with herbs in this lifetime.. that was until she uncovered the lifetime and freed the energy to move her forward in the present.

"I see you, taking control of your life. Being responsible for your actions and having a consciousness that is leading you. Yet, lately, maybe you don't quite feel like “The Boss” in your life. I  know, you want to step forward and stop making apologies for your decisions, let go of the overwhelm and find the way, once again, to trust your decision making skills.What is at the the root of your problem to make sh*t happen as you truly embody your strength and inner guidance."

Terri Ann Heiman
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