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5 Simple Steps to Setting up Your Spiritual Practice
Have you been through a life transition and feel disconnected from your spirit?

Do you seek a greater connection to the Divine?

Perhaps your religious institution just isn’t doing it for you.

I'm Terri Ann Heiman, and I help women who are going through a life transition.. (like divorce or just starting over) who feel disconnected from their spirit and seek a deeper connection to their Inner Guidance.
Through my step-by-step program I help women gain inner confidence and learn skills to empower their spirit.
Grab my Free Guide: 
5 Simple Steps to Setting up Your Spiritual Practice
What My Clients are Saying...
"Working with Terri has been amazing! I can't believe how much I've shifted! The guidance and confidence I have received from Terri has allowed me to truly live my passion and dream. I am living a life that I only dreamed of!"
-Tina Conroy RMT - Director Energy Healing: Practice Body Mind Soul Co., NY
"I am so thankful for Terri, her knowledge, her no BS attitude, her creativity, her INTUITION, and her HEART. I've learned so much!"   

  — Elizabeth Scruggs
Grab my Free Guide: 
5 Simple Steps to Setting up Your Spiritual Practice
I'm Terri Ann Heiman....
I'm a transformational Spiritual Counselor, Energy Healer, author and podcaster. I help women who are going through transitions in life (like divorce or just starting over) who feel lost and disconnected from their spirit. Through my private mentoring programs, I teach intuitive tools and spiritual techniques to create a spirtual practice and learn to trust their inner guidance.

I've has been interviewed several times on ABC/33/40 and published numerous articles in Reiki News Magazine. My book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper - The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose with EFT is available on Amazon. I am the host of the The Empowered Spirit Show podcast where I explore the connection to the human Spirit in a way that helps you to navigate your life... including crisis.

My background is in Spiritual Counseling. I'm also a Spiritual Activist and Reiki Master/Teacher. I've has been working in the Healing Arts for over 20 years beginning with crystals and stones creating healing jewelry. I began working with Reiki Energy in 1997 training in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho method of natural healing with Rev. Kathryn Barley and the Sanctuary of Peace & Harmony, Inc. In 1999 I was awarded the ultimate degree of Reiki Master Teacher. Today, I teach all levels of Reiki to doctors, nurses, teachers, health care professionals as well as moms, dads and children. 

Today, I maintain a private practice coaching individuals along the spiritual path in my Empowered Spirit Programs. As a teacher and energy healer, I teach what I practice as well as leading groups in sacred circles, full moon ceremonies, teaching Reiki and classes on Intuition as a Decision Making Tool.
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Discover how to use your energy - and others' around you - to make strides in your life!
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5 Simple Steps to Setting up Your Spiritual Practice